Aquatic Rehab (Novato)

Why choose an Aquatic Physical Therapy Program?

The water can allow for better range of motion, relaxation, and it’s a safe place to work on building strength and balance. The anti-gravity environment in water allows you to do many exercise activities that you can’t do on land. Many people who have trouble walking or standing on land, can do so easily in the water, because of the buoyancy and support. Also, you can progress with other activities, such as steps, lunges, squats, and jumping in a safe, effective way that will progress you to doing these activities on land.

What is our aquatic program like?

We utilize two large, heated pools in a beautiful outdoor setting. First, we evaluate you on land to assess your range of motion, strength, balance, and gait, as well as taking your medical history before putting you in the water. We have various exercise equipment, that provides either buoyancy, resistance, or support, as indicated. We provide one-on-one care with a physical therapist, either in the water or on deck. We develop your routine to fit your particular needs, and incorporate exercises in both the deep and shallow water. Once you progress with your program, you can continue with an independent program of your own, or participate in a water group class. We can also provide a combination of pool therapy and land therapy.

Who might benefit from an aquatic therapy program?

Several type of diagnoses can benefit from a pool therapy program. Water is great for people with low back pain, because it unloads the spine, and helps to build strength in the core muscles of the abdomen and back. People with arthritis or rheumatological disease benefit from the unloading pressure on the weight bearing joints.  Many other types of injuries also may benefit, such as motor vehicle accident, fibromyalgia, sport specific injuries, and post-op rehab progression with weight bearing restrictions.

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