“Entering the world of pelvic pain and dysfunction is very confusing, as no one talks about it.  I had a slew of doctors who didn't recognize it.  A referral to Lisa Iacovelli changed everything.  She easily explained what was happening, and why.  We started a partnership to bring me back to normalcy and health.  Lisa continually made me so comfortable with the intimate work we've done together.  I highly recommend Lisa without hesitation, for her knowledge, teaching ability, and professionalism.”
"Rosemaria was able to identify my chronic pain and work with my body, not only to relieve the pain, but also to increase my own body awareness, so the injury would not return."
"I came to Lisa from a referral from my gynecologist’s office. I was concerned about increased vaginal prolapse. Lisa's treatments have helped me regain pelvic muscle control that I had lost from childbirth over 20 years ago! I had experienced occasional urinary incontinence since childbirth, and went to a few doctors for treatment, but none treated me the way Lisa has. Lisa taught me various exercises and techniques, including biofeedback, that have helped me regain pelvic floor strength. She adjusts the exercises in subtle, yet very effective ways. Further, she treated me for cervical pain that I have experienced all my life, and now rarely deal with. I wish I had known to come to Lisa 20 years ago!!! I have become a very strong proponent of all women seeing Lisa, or a practitioner of similar knowledge and skills, after childbirth. It has made a huge difference in my life."
“Michael has a gift. He knows what needs to be done to help me, and does it. When I leave, I feel so much better. He instructs me in the appropriate exercises, so that I can continue improving at home.”
“My chronic back pain had morphed into other disabling problems with my hip, knees, and feet. Lisa Iacovelli has helped me enormously in dealing with these issues. Her diagnostic evaluation and treatment strategies (including focused exercises) are unique among the many physical therapists I have seen over the years. I highly recommend her.”
“I came to Marin P.M.C. on a referral from my physician for chronic pelvic floor discomfort. Working with Lisa Iacovelli these past months has been a true blessing. Her caring, gentle, common-sense approach has made a huge difference in my pain. Lisa provided me with tools and support to address the root cause of my issue. I am now on the path to healing. I highly recommend Marin P.M.C.”
“Lisa has been a wonderful resource, and an amazing practitioner for my health and well-being. Along with home exercises for my muscles, she has offered additional stretches for other conditions. She's assisted my healing over a long period of time, with her kindness, patience, and skill.”
“Lisa and Michael, thank you! I was finally able to get the correct diagnosis, after 3 years of searching for answers. P.M.C. helped me work through my pain, and got me back to enjoying an active life.”
"I have been a patient of Lisa's for 14 years, originally referred to her for complicated back and pelvic pain issues. She has profound understanding of the body, and, additionally, she brings to her practice extraordinary compassion, wisdom, and intuition. She helped me heal, and regain confidence. When I have occasional relapses, or when new problems occur, I always seek her advice and attention. I have recently retired from a 40 year career as a medical office manager in the Bay Area. Of all the practitioners I have worked with professionally or seen as a patient, Lisa stands out as the most dedicated and committed to the care and well being of her patients. I owe my return to health and activity to Lisa's expertise. I feel eternally grateful for the assistance and guidance she has given me, and continues to give me."
"Rosemaria uses her wealth of knowledge and experience to make each session healing. I always leave the clinic feeling comfortable in my body, both physically and emotionally. Her devotion to wellness comes through in the patience and care she shows to every client."
"Lisa is not only extremely skillful, she is also kind and creative in her contact and approach.  I highly recommend her."
"Lisa has more concern and drive to make me feel better than I have myself.  She never forgets exactly what you were working on, and her memory is not forced - it is natural and born of her caring."