Pelvic Floor Exercise Class

Pelvic floor dysfunctions affect your body in many adverse ways.  This class will help you along your journey toward pelvic floor health!

The class is appropriate for postpartum women wishing to ensure connecting the pelvic floor to the core, as well as any woman experiencing incontinence, and/or general pelvic pain.

In this class series, taught by physical therapist Rosemaria Schumann, MSPT, you will learn Pelvic Floor Exercises that address strength, endurance, and flexibility, in addition to releasing pelvic tension and pain.

You will learn about the Franklin Method, as well as the geography of the pelvis, use dynamic and anatomical imagery, and experience the bone rhythms of the pelvis and hip joint.  The Franklin method utilizes Franklin Balls for an exercise routine to perform daily.  This class will give you the tools and guidance needed to move toward your personal exercise goals.

Classes will be at our Mill Valley office, located at 33 Miller Avenue.  Please call the Mill Valley office at 415-380-9242 for more information, and to register.

The cost is only $175 for the series; every class must be attended.